Pressure Vessels

B&C designs pressure vessels, reactors, tanks, heat exchangers for the chemical and petrochemical industry according to VSR, ASME, EN and other codes, international standards.

Structural analysis is done through the finite elements method, according to ASME VIII div. 2 code, for special elements not covered by rules of calculation codes.

B&C deals with flexibility calculation of special pipes (O.D.> 24”) according to ASME B.31.1 and 3 codes and to the design/selection of supports: saddles, guides, flexible supports, hydraulic dampers, etc.

For engineering we use Codeware Compress software. To design in conformity with the applicable codes we use Sant’Ambrogio VSR. For finite element analysis we use Autodesk Mechanical Simulation For the analysis of the flexibility of lines we use Caesar II.