Site supervision

B&C offers a highly experienced team in mechanical assembly and erection.

Our team is particularly specialized in the erection of flare derrick structures, having assembled the most complicated derricks in many locations around the world. Their involvement ranges from the reception and identification of materials received at site, to the structure preassembly in sections at ground, to the assembling of risers, flare tips and ancillary equipment and the derrick structure.

The working procedures used by the team allow a great saving of working time at site and minimise the use of expensive provisional structures, like scaffolding or temporary platforms.

B&C staff is highly qualified and selected and are conversant with the complex lifting/overturning system that is typical of demountable flares.

Even in extreme working conditions, our team always works in maximum safety conditions, following the procedures detailed in the Erection Plan. The team has a working knowledge of the English and French languages.